End of Week One

I’ve been in Brooklyn for a week now, so how about a blog post!

I seriously cannot believe that tomorrow marks the start of week two working at Carrot. Granted, the past week was a 4 day one and I finished it absolutely exhausted. FIVE days this week guys?! That’s going to require a lot of coffee.

Anyway, a look at the past week. It has included a lot of quality time on the subway traveling to and from places. I’m finally figuring out which end of the platform shortens my walk underground and exactly what time to leave the house to make it to work on time. Unlike the Chicago transportation system, there are quite a few things to learn and remember. Mainly the 5 billion different train lines and their unfortunate weekend schedules where they close the 12 stops closest to my house. Convenient, right?


By the time I was getting out of work this week, I found myself absolutely exhausted and wanted to do nothing but come home and fall asleep. I began wondering how people managed to actually go out and do things after work. But then I remembered back to my crazy schedule in college and it all made sense. I think I just need more than a week to settle in and get familiar with all of the new! After work on Wednesday everyone from Carrot went out to a local bar for an official “welcome” for the 4 new hires. They’re really great about welcoming new people and taking the time to make sure that we’re comfortable with everyone else at work. There is even a “welcome committee” that goes through all of the basic info and company culture on your first day. They also take you out for a mid afternoon break at a candy store just a few blocks down. I’ve gone on numerous coffee runs with various combinations of people as well. And this next week all of the girls are getting together for dinner and hanging out!

Thursday night I wandered down to Brooklyn Bridge Park (literally at the end of the block from where I’m working) before heading home to make dinner for the first time! You know it is a long exhausting week when you’re proud of yourself for making dinner (can we not mention the fact this didn’t happen until day four..).





Dinner was vegetable pasta with broccoli, kale and a tofu & tomato sauce. With lots of spices! My roommate has perfected a tofu sauce for pasta so she helped me out a bunch with it. Super tasty and definitely something I’d make again!



I’ve managed to keep my little herb garden alive and well all week. Step one to getting a pet? I remembered to water it and everything. I’m absolutely loving the view and the breeze in the morning. There was even the new addition added to my room today of a fan – thanks mom!



More on weekend adventures to come!


One thought on “End of Week One

  1. Love the way the window frames the view of the tree. BIG first week – new work, people, trains, schedules, pasta sauce – and adventures.

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