First Weekend in Brooklyn

Saturday morning Jon and I boarded a bus and headed north into the Bronx for Sarah’s volleyball game at Fordham University. Let’s just say it was quite the ride and it took quite a bit longer than either of us was expecting. We saw absolutely every street from 125th all the way up to 187th street. By the time we made it up to about 180th street it started torrential down pouring. Lovely. Fortunately, it did let up a bit before we got all the way there so we only got slightly wet instead of completely drenched. We made it there a bit late and only missed the first game of the match. Got to see Aunt Barb, Uncle Joe, Eric, Mom & Dad and Sarah so it was more than worth the long trip up. Pretty convenient that Sarah played in NYC just a week after I moved in – and she’s coming back on September 22nd!

Apparently I took no photos from the volleyball game.

After the two matches we headed back down into Manhattan and went to dinner at Carmine’s, a tasty family style Italian restaurant. With apparently the best eggplant parm EVER. Super tasty and delicious. And good company!

Sunday morning Mom & Dad came back into Brooklyn to drop off a few more items for my apartment. The biggest thing was a new rug and the pallets for my bed! Thanks for all of the trips up and for being my personal delivery service!

Before they headed out we stopped for lunch at ‘sNice a vegetarian restaurant in Park Slope. Really good food – I had the smoked tempeh wrap. Just had a wait a good long while for it 🙂 On the way back we stopped at a farmer’s market that is closeby. Definitely not the Rochester Public Market but it will do.

I’m loving this whole being close to family thing. Makes the idea of a weekend trip a bit more manageable (especially when people come to me!) and helpful for moving all of my things north.

Next post: Sunday adventures in my new neighborhood. I’m determined to catch up on this whole blogging thing. It will make you all want to move to Brooklyn!


2 thoughts on “First Weekend in Brooklyn

  1. Joe, I thought you just didn’t like your pasta! Nice to have so many folks around and access to your very own personal moving service.

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