Sesame Street & Prospect Park

I feel like I live on Sesame Street. Sunday morning I woke up, headed out for a walk in Prospect Park (less than half a block from my apartment) and then came back for some coffee on the stoop while I waited for Mom & Dad to get here. This weekend was a block party on my street which meant they banned cars, pulled futons out onto the street, got a moonbounce, had chalk everywhere and the kids (tons of them) ran and skated up and down the block all day. Pretty awesome. I guess the average age on my block is about 5.

About this Prospect Park business.. it’s awesome. Within half a block I can get to the edge of the park and a short one mile walk into it, I can get to the lake! So beautiful. I almost forgot I was living in the city. There were so many people out today running, biking, walking, horseback riding and playing soccer.

It’s so nice to have something like this so close to me – helps me get over the whole busy city thing.

In the afternoon after Mom & Dad left, Jon came over and we headed to Brighton Beach/Coney Island for one of his friend’s birthdays. On the way there we walked along the top of the park and ran into this giant arch. How seriously cool is that?! I felt like I was back in Paris with the Arc di Triumph. Made it to the beach around 5 and hung around near the water before playing lots of beach volleyball as the sunset over the ocean. On the way home we got off at the bottom of Prospect Park and walked through it as we made our way back to my apartment. Caprese pasta & corn on the cob for dinner! Perfect end to the weekend. All of these adventures helped to make the weekend feel extra long. Now begins week two!


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