Length of the Night

I’m slowly learning that the length of my day is dependent on how many things I pack it with. Really packed days end up feeling longer than nights where I come home and just relax.

Getting out at 6:30 or later every day takes a bit of getting used to. Being in the same room all day takes some getting used to as well  – at RIT I was used to constantly switching classes, going to work and spending time at home. Over the summer, I was working in a number of different departments so I was constantly switching places and going to meetings. With this new job all 35 of us share one office which is basically one giant room. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. We’re able to easily talk to the people around us & it makes it feel more like a community rather than sectioned off cubes. I just have to remind myself to stand up every once in a while 🙂

Tonight after work I went out to dinner with a friend of a friend who i had actually never met before! My friend Carolyn, who I knew from RIT and the admissions office, had emailed me a few weeks back to introduce me to her best friend who was living in NYC! We had emailed some before I moved here and agreed to meet up for dinner as soon as we could. She’s working in the west village so we went to a sushi place near union square. Definitely fun meeting new people in the city and testing out new restaurants! The place was called The Loop – really tasty, I’d go back there. We talked about meeting up more so yay friends!

Makes for a late night but I figure it’s more than worth a little less sleep in order to get out and do things. In Chicago, I felt like I was going places all of the time and knew the city really well after ten weeks there. I took a little more of a back seat approach during week one in NYC because all of the newness was overwhelming but I’m finally feeling (somewhat) settled in! Looking forward to getting out more and exploring.


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