Food Adventures

Finished out week number two with a lunch time walk to the bridges! It’s so convenient to be working less than half a block from the water – I apparently have really good luck in both living and working situations.

I’m also in a prime food truck spot! There are quite a few food trucks that frequently come to DUMBO for the day. My number one favorite is a taco truck. I’ve decided that is going to be my $6 lunch out one day a week. Good plan? I think so. It’s seriously amazing. The second truck that came this past Thursday was Jeni’s ice cream truck. I’d actually read an article about it and happened to see the DUMBO food truck twitter account tweet about it as well so I convinced a co-worker to come with me for a free scoop. Super tasty! And I even got to talk to Jeni – I got her favorite, lemon and blueberry frozen yogurt. I guess I can’t really claim to have a “Favorite food truck” yet considering these are the only two that I’ve been to. But still.

Friday night after work I headed into Manhattan to meet up with Jon at Union Square. We went to Dogmatic, a hot dog restaurant for dinner. I’d read an article on them a while back as well and their funny veggie dog is actually just asparagus 🙂 It had a yogurt sauce and feta too which made it super tasty as well. Jon didn’t seem as thrilled about his lamb hot dog though – guess he should have gone for the asparagus! We ended up walking south after that through Washington Square Park and went to the Peanut Butter Company! They have  a restaurant that is all about peanut butter and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and peanut butter ice cream. Basically it’s my favorite place ever and Jon got me a gift card there for my birthday. We had gone last time I was in NYC many months ago and split a sundae – seriously if you ever go here SHARE. It’s so delicious but you want nothing to do with sugar when you’re done! We had fun walking back through the park when we were done – lots of musicians out and a cool fountain near the arch.


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