It’s Fall!




Saturday morning Jon and I headed to Long Island City to meet up with a group of people from church who were all driving to upstate NY for some apple picking! It was about an hour and a half plus drive out of NYC and well worth it for the views. We both definitely felt like we were in Rochester just based on the clouds and sky. It was the first weekend that it really felt like fall – pants weather and all! It was so nice to have clean air & trees everywhere. It was also so quiet! I’ve only been in the city for two weeks, so the stress of the noise and pollution hasn’t really hit me yet but I’m sure I’ll get there and then retreats like this one would be even more appreciated.

Everyone started right in on some apple cider and apple cider doughnuts just minutes after getting there. Super tasty but the theme of the day was definitely sugar. We were all more than ready for real food by the end of it. Seriously cannot get enough of this sky – there is absolutely no filters or photoshop on it! Just pure gorgeous NY sky.


And an awesome cow bus!


Between Jon and I, we picked a half bushel of apples to split. We ended up walking through quite a few empty fields at first – apparently a bunch of school groups had come the previous week and cleared them out. Someone did mention that there was an even better part of the farm a few miles away so we piled back in the van and headed up there. Seriously amazing views. The second part of the farm was way better than the first. There were apples everywhere.


And back to the city we went…




Last picture was taken by Jon. I’m oh so conveniently dating a photographer who can time photos right in between bridge posts 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s Fall!

  1. I was wondering where the post about Saturday was–she referred to the apple picking in one of the other ones this morning.

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