Sunday Exploring

Sunday morning started out a bit rough. After running pretty late for the train, I proceeded to run (with coffee in hand) towards a train that already had closed its doors. Fortunately for me, the conductor must have seen the coffee-spilling disaster that was headed towards the train and felt bad for me because he opened them back up! I did learn why people are not seen carrying coffee to work in the mornings.

Despite all of that, I made it to Long Island City way ahead of time – in 30 minutes! Everyone in NYC seems to like to hate on certain trains. “Oh.. you’re going to take THAT train. It will never come. You’re probably going to have to wait five hours.” Like most things in life, I’ve learned to avoid advice from the general public (on certain topics – professors, classes, trains, tourist spots etc).

I was headed to Skyline Church, one that Jon’s been going to since April. They were actually the same people from the apple picking trip yesterday. Got connected to so many people there! It’s nice being full welcomed into a church because I definitely saw the complete opposite happen this summer in Chicago.

After church we headed back to Astoria for lunch – tasty sandwiches with ciabatta bread, guacamole, cheese and sauteed mushrooms. Then left for the East River Ferry! I’ve gotten so many recommendations to go on it – some people actually use it for transportation to work instead of the subway but I was thinking about it more like a cruise 🙂 We took it all the way from Long Island City to DUMBO. Gorgeous views of the skyline.

In DUMBO we were hoping to walk around the Smorgasbord festival (as recommended by Uncle Dan!) that is there every Sunday until November. We ended up missing most of it this time around but we were catch the tail end and saw some of the vendors. Will definitely have to make it back there sometime to try some food. We ended up settling for some ice cream instead while we walked through the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Made it back home for (a failed attempt at) dinner. Got gouda, bread & salad and for some reason neither one of us is particularly patient enough to let cheese melt. Chaos ensued. We decided we should probably make a food blog about real life cooking problems so that people didn’t feel so bad when they royally screw up recipes in fancy cooking magazines.

I did make Jon stick around long enough to remove the three caterpillars that had decided to make their homes in my herb garden. I can dispose of spiders with no issues.. but caterpillars. Whole different story. I told him that I added caterpillar remove to my list of reasons I keep him around 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sunday Exploring

  1. Great caterpillar/looper critter – on the parsley? I have them too.
    cut off the bare stems close to the soil – give it as much sun as possible. More to come. It’s a swallowtail butterfly in development.

  2. Looks like a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. Yep, we have these all over our parsley and other herbs. Consider them part of supporting the development of the next generation of butterflies.

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