Monsoon Season

Looks like the entire east coast is getting torrential rain and thunderstorms tonight. Made it home just in time before the big rain started. I was supposed to go out and meet Casey tonight but one look at the radar made me think that was not such a wise idea unless we wanted to look like drowned rats. Instead I’m curling up on my big yellow couch and hanging out for the night. I just applied for a Brooklyn Library card! I’m hoping that this, along with registering to vote in the state of NY tomorrow helps me to feel like I actually live here.


Work has gotten much busier. I’m finally getting into the swing of things and feeling more comfortable with the workflow. Learning lots and working on some fun projects recently – will share them when they’re officially launched. I’m almost halfway through my third week! Much like the summer, I can’t believe how fast the time is going. I just have to remember that this is not another 10 week quarter, I actually have to continue 🙂

I’m really liking the dynamics of the office – SO much smaller than where I was this summer which makes it quite a bit different. We were actually just discussing the difference between cubicle land & having one giant office today. This office feels way more community based, very collaborative. Actually just got a new desk today (again – this is my third move in 3 weeks!). They’re hiring so many new people so everyone has to keep getting moved around. I don’t really mind it though, I like getting new views and people to sit around every once in a while.

For lunch everyone tends to go out and get something. Fortunately they bring it back to the office and eat there so I don’t feel like I total loser packing my lunch all of the time! I did go out to lunch today with everyone. A new grilled cheese place opened up a few blocks down and grilled cheese & tomato soup sounded like the best lunch ever on a gray rainy day. It was an asiago grilled cheese with butternut squash, sage and brown butter. Really delicious although the taco truck still wins, hands down. The place did have a cheese grater light!


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