“City that never sleeps”

I have proven tonight that this is a city that sleeps. After 7pm.

I came home from work tonight to this gorgeous sunset (view from my room!) with the intent of doing laundry. Yay clean clothes! [Note: please don’t be worried about the fact that I’m doing laundry for the first time in almost 3 weeks. I have, in fact, been wearing clean clothes the entire time.]


Anyway, I made my way the 2 blocks down to the nearest laundry place (oh, UC, I miss your washers in every apartment). It wasn’t too bad of a walk there except I walked in and set my things down only to have the lady tell me that it was too late. TOO LATE?! It was 7:05pm. Apparently the drop dead time for putting your laundry in is 7:00pm and no absolutely no later.

Tried not to seem too annoyed and a nice lady behind me said that there was a place down on 7th avenue. Gathered my basket and walked 2 blocks further down to get there. Nothing. The one place I did find was closed. So I was pretty much just carting my large laundry basket full of clothes passed these nice restaurants where people were eating dinner at the window. Hello, Brooklyn.


I came to the conclusion that there was nothing open within reasonable walking distance so I had pretty much decided to give up and figure it out another night. (This is all happening while i’m STILL holding the basket – it was quite the intense upper body workout.) On the walk home I passed the laundry place again and decided to give it one more try – this time promising NOT to dry my clothes. I figured that would cut a considerable amount of time off the whole process and they couldn’t say no. I also figured that I had done the exact same thing this summer when I ran out of quarters and it worked out just fine.

So I waited. And ate my apple.

The lady thought I was crazy. “You’re not going to dry them??”

No, ma’am. I like to get as much of a workout by carrying wet clothes home as possible.


I toted all of my wet clothes home and hung them up to dry in every place I could find. I’ve come to terms with the fact that this is probably how I’m going to have to do my laundry all of the time. I’m never going to get off any earlier and therefore will not make the 7pm deadline. On the upside, I’m saving money by letting them hang to dry. I’m giving myself a free workout – who needs gym memberships. I’m saving time waiting for the dryer. AND my room now smells and looks like a laundromat.

Can we all just guess how many times I’ll do laundry this winter? Never.

After this whole “welcome to city living” ordeal, I made myself pasta for dinner with kale, sesame seeds and smoked gouda! Super tasty, easy and delicious. Early bedtime for me because I had a little problem with the whole concept of an alarm this morning 🙂


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