Busy Sunday

Sunday morning started early with a trip over to Astoria for breakfast and coffee with Jon before heading to church. Walked around Long Island City for a bit after the service because I had a meeting (to start working in the nursery at church) at 1. Jon waited for me down on the water to finish up before we both made our way down to the high line! Another thing checked off my list! This list is going way slower than my time in Chicago but I’m constantly reminding myself there’s no rush to pack weekends and exhaust myself too much.

For those who don’t know, the High Line is an elevated park in Manhattan. It was an old railway that has been turned into a super nice walkway right through the city. Pretty cool to be walking among both plants and buildings at the same time.


Stopped part way through for tacos for lunch and some gorgeous NY skies!


After making it from end to end on the High Line – 20 blocks or so? we walked back a ways up to the Chelsea Market just to look around. I ended up not liking it as much as I thought I would – I pictured Seattle Market mixed with the one in Philly but that was definitely not the case. I might have enjoyed it more if I was actually hungry at the time. But I loved the surrounding neighborhood! I believe we made it through the Meat Packing District, Greenwich and Chelsea today. Even stopped at an apple store to test out the iPhone 5 – it’s so light! People really weren’t kidding when they said that.


After the market we headed a ways down to a park to hang out for a bit. Jon ended up doing an impromptu photoshoot with a couple nearby 🙂


Made it back to Brooklyn a while later and all of the walking had made us pretty hungry so we ate some tasty leftovers from last night while watching Sherlock (the BBC TV series). I liked the show way more than I thought I would and can’t wait to watch the next. Finishing up this blog and then calling it a night. Starting my fourth week at work tomorrow!


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