Volleyball & Family Time

Saturday morning Jon and I met up in Brooklyn & grabbed breakfast from a bagel place before walking over to a nearby park. I’m absolutely loving the beginnings of fall – crisp air and sweaters needed. Actually ended up spending most of the morning there and soon enough it was time to head into Manhattan for Sarah’s volleyball game.

Spent a little time walking through Central Park and Morningside Park. Stopping for a quick bite to eat at Cafe Amrita’s – highly recommended place up just north of Central Park – before making it the rest of the way to Columbia University for the game.

Super pumped that Cornell has played in the NYC area TWICE this fall! I know Sarah hates spending so much time on the bus and would rather be at school but can’t say that I mind getting lots of family time in the same month. Just wish they released her for more than 10 minutes for a quick chat and hug. Ended up losing in 3 but the last game was pretty close. (She’s number 13 in the picture below in case you couldn’t tell).

After the game we all piled in the car and made our way (slowly) to Jersey City for dinner! Aunt Barb, Uncle Joe & Mom & Dad had spent all Friday night cooking up a storm and made some terrifically tasty things! Zucchini “lasagna” – am I allowed to call it that? Vegetable soup, salad with walnuts and sweet potatoes and beets. Super tasty all around. And we even got to enjoy it for a second time tonight with leftovers 🙂 Oh! And pumpkin cookies. SO. GOOD.

Aside from the good food – can we just talk about the view for a second? We pretty much took over Eric & David’s apartment (thanks guys – promise we won’t take it over EVERY weekend!) that has absolutely amazing views. It’s on the 40th floor and has spectacular views of Manhattan and into New Jersey. We even got to see a little bit of a thunderstorm as well.

Also got to fit lots of puppy time in there! They have three adorable dogs and I was pretty much ready to sneak any one of them home with me 🙂


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