Chickpea Noodle Soup

Pretty productive and fast Monday.

Working away on a few projects at work and before I knew it, it was already past noon! Registered to vote in NY state – and finally figured out what county I live in. Ate some tasty leftovers from this weekend for lunch. And then got assigned another project in the afternoon which made that fly by. I’m finally feeling like I’m getting in a groove in terms of workflow. It’s not something I was really worried about happening because I know it happens with time but it felt really good today! Sketching, music on (yay Spotify!), few conversations and meetings.

The excitement of the afternoon was a new Myspace launch (uhm WHAT?), Facebook leaking private messages to almost all of its users and a jumper on the Brooklyn Bridge (which we can see from our office window). Crazy. Thankfully the jumper was rescued before he could actually go through with anything but still created quite the buzz in the office.

After work I headed to Cobble Hill for some grocery shopping. I hadn’t officially been since my parents brought me nearly 4 weeks ago – oops. Don’t worry, I’ve been eating, but I figured it was time to break down and get some food. I had half the makings for Chickpea Noodle soup at home so I got the rest of the ingredients for that and made it for dinner. After having vegetable soup this weekend and the cool fall weather, I decided that making soup would be a good idea. Super tasty and delicious. There are more than a few things I would change about it but definitely something I could make again (less pepper, more broth, cook the noodles beforehand – oops). It was more like super liquid-y pasta but tasty anyway. And good news – leftovers for work!



That’s all for Monday! Going to be a busy week with a big project at work (and a short deadline) and lots of after work things planned.



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