Fall Vegetables

Rainy start and end to the day but can’t complain about the nice sun that popped out just in time for lunch. I met up with a friend for lunch today – the usual Thursday Taco Truck run, of course. We picked up lunch and ate on the picnic tables between the Brooklyn & Manhattan bridges. It was super awesome to catch up considering the last time I saw her was 4+ years ago!

Lots and lots of meetings today and edits to a project that I’m working on. I was supposed to meet up with Casey after work but we both ended up being caught up with stuff for a bit and decided to postpone. Instead of heading straight home, I decided to be slightly adventurous and get off at the Bergen Street stop (my new neighborhood find) and wander around for a bit.





Ended up walking a good long way just exploring the neighborhood & stopped into a wine store that was having a wine tasting to pick up a bottle of wine. Such a cute street with tons of restaurants, stores and markets. Came home and got to work roasting some veggies – brussels sprouts and red potatoes with olive oil, salt, pepper and a bunch of herbs. Basically cut everything up and wrapped it up in tin foil to cook in the oven until I decided I was hungry and took it out. Sorry Uncle Dan, no measurements or times involved 🙂 It did end up turning out quite nicely and it’s so easy that I would definitely do it again. Helloooo, fall veggies. There was some leftover beets and smoked gouda involved but apparently did not make it into any pictures.




Few plans for the weekend but nothing set in stone. They’ve all managed to be pretty packed so far- there’s really no shortage of things to do around here. DUMBO Arts Festival is here this weekend, last weekend Governor’s Island is open, etc.

Hope everyone has a good Friday!



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