Governors Island

Friday, Jon headed down to DUMBO to meet me after work. We walked for a while along Brooklyn Bridge Park and got to see all of the crazy clouds over Manhattan. They were setting up for the DUMBO Arts Festival so there were vendors and such everywhere. We ended up getting some dumplings from a Food Truck near by and sat under the Manhattan bridge to eat then. Amazing views.


We had originally talked about making apple crisp afterwards but ran into his roommates who were going out to eat at this funky place in Astoria so we ended up going out with them to hang out for a bit. Super crazy restaurant, there were random things (and cows!) placed everywhere and when we walked in people were dancing in the aisles.


Saturday, we headed down to Governor’s Island. I had heard a lot of things about it (ie. read Yelp reviews) and found out that this weekend was the last time it was open for the year! Despite the crazy clouds and overcast weather, it was surprisingly cool and nice. Made it down to the tip of Manhattan and hopped on the free ferry that they have taking people across. Definitely cool views of Brooklyn from there.



We both accidentally wore blue stripes so we continued the tradition and took some pictures by the water. (If you haven’t noticed, we find ourselves in matching blue stripes every time we visit some body of water – WITHOUT planning!)


Super short ferry ride over there and we were set free on the Island! It looked so cute compared to the giant NYC skyline we had just left. Very New England feeling with the brick houses and fall colored trees. Didn’t really have any agenda on the island – just lots of walking and poking around. Our first stop was Fort Jay (just for you, dad!) which is actually associated with John Jay College in some way. The whole island was once a military base or something crazy like that so there were canons and things everywhere.



I found my house there too! So many cute little places tucked around. I can’t believe they dont’really have people living there anymore – I guess the tourists would get annoying real quick. But super cute front porches and this row of houses below was actually part of a bigger courtyard that was all enclosed in Fort Jay. 20120929-225910.jpg

Pretty sweet views of the Manhattan Skyline from the top of the fort too.20120929-225929.jpg



We ended up walking almost the entire way around the island (minus the part that was closed off to people for construction). Seriously amazing views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Jersey City (think we saw your building, Eric!). At the very tip of the island we found a whole bunch of swings, hammocks and benches to hang out on for a while. Why yes, I was on a swing looking at the Statue of Liberty directly in front of me. The crazy cool clouds only added to the drama of it. Lucky for us, it didn’t rain! We passed a huge part of it that they’re doing construction on and hope to have a park in by 2013 – that will be awesome! I’d definitely like to head back there next summer when it opens up again.

Stayed on Governor’s Island for a little over 4 hours I think before we headed on the boat over to DUMBO! They conveniently have two ferries, one to Brooklyn (DUMBO) and one to Manhattan. I wanted to check out a little more of the arts festival before we grabbed some dinner and went to a dance performance. It was great to be walking around down there late at night with so many things going on – there were even bands tucked in truck loading zones! It was a tad packed though so we didn’t walk around for real long. But did eat dinner on a bench near the bridges again.

Jon’s two roommates are a part of an Italian contemporary dance company and they were performing at a theater in downtown DUMBO for the White Wave Dance Festival– conveniently located right near where I work and where the arts festival was. The dance performance started at 8 and was first come first serve in this tiny little theater so we got there pretty early. Lots of interesting performances, I guess the only dance I’ve seen for the past few years has been ballet but this was great! There were 6 or 7 different groups that performed 1 dance each – they had shows running all day every hour.

Pretty packed Saturday with lots of walking around. I was more than ready for sleep by the time I got home 🙂


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