One Month in Brooklyn


Slow Sunday morning with some oatmeal and coffee. I’m finally getting used to cooking with almost zero counter space and no microwave. Headed off to church in Long Island City – on the train that I always seem to be running for. Lucky for me, they always wait and extra second for the crazy person sprinting towards the train 🙂



After church I just wanted to get out and walk around so I headed down to Gantry Plaza State Park in LIC (about 3 blocks from church). Spent almost an hour walking around and hanging out down there. Jon helps out on tech stuff every other weekend so he’s busy there from 6:30am until a little after 1 pm.


Seriously awesome views of Manhattan from LIC. Huge blue sky today with big puffy clouds. Just like upstate NY. Sometimes I forget I’m still living in the same state.


Lots of cool street art. I even ran into a parade on my walk around the neighborhood – something for Italian America day? It appeared that I was the only one actually viewing the parade though so not really sure what was going on with that.


Eventually met back up with Jon and we headed down to Brooklyn for the Smorgasbord Festival. Unfortunately upon arriving in DUMBO it became clear that there was no festival 😦 The Smorgasbord Festival had been taken over by the DUMBO Arts Festival which had art instead of tasty food trucks. Major disappointment considering we were both starving! Ended up heading to Smith Street and found some tasty tacos instead at this super small hole in the wall restaurant. Came back to Park Slope for some apple crisp making (yay fall!) and Sherlock watching. We’re on season two already – it helps that there are only 3 episodes per season though.


As of tomorrow, I’ve officially lived in Brooklyn for a month. Crazy!


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