Runaway Week

These weeks are beginning to get away from me.

Really enjoying work lately – lots of projects and things to jump around on. Wish I could share more! Overcast days make it seem okay to be staying indoors and earlier sunsets make the office feel cozy.



Everything has been pretty up in the air in terms of plans which I suppose is okay.

Spontaneous date night on Monday with Jon at his roommate’s restaurant in Manhattan – really tasty pasta, eggplant parm & cheesecake for dinner! Yum. Good way to start out the week. Tuesday night get together with Casey for our weekly girl’s night & chat. Wednesday was a late night at work, grocery shopping and then watched the debate with my roommate while drinking tea. Tonight is a night to myself to regroup and catch up on all of these Hulu shows I have yet to watch.

I’ve been trying to vary my morning routines so that every day doesn’t feel like groundhog day. Different things for breakfast, different route to walk to work, etc. Never know when you might find some sweet street art. Plus my weekly goal of going to bed at exactly 11pm has been working out well so far – minimizes the snooze button in the morning.

Low point of the week was eating brussels sprouts & apple crisp for dinner. What is wrong with me?! I was doing so well at the end of my time at RIT with cooking. Of course, that very same night Sarah just HAD to email: “I’m starting to realize i don’t eat like a college kid. tonight for dinner i baked eggplant chunks, chicken marinated in balsamic glaze/apple cider vinegar/oregano/spices of sorts and whole grain rotini with pine nuts and crumbled goat cheese.”

No real plans for the weekend – would like to fit a trip to the library, laundry and some exploring around the neighborhood. It’s supposed to be overcast and rainy all weekend much like this entire week. Maybe another weekend goal should be to cook a real dinner.


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