A Real Meal

I work in a perfect location. Close to where I’m living and an amazing view of NYC (the secret to NYC is to live/work ACROSS from it, not in it. don’t tell anyone or they’ll all move here). I’m trying my best to take different routes to work each morning. Last Friday morning, I went to Brooklyn Coffee Roasters which is only a few blocks from work. I had seen it when Jon and I passed a few weekends back and thought I’d give it a try. Good thing because I discovered another whole section of Brooklyn Bridge.

What better way to start the day than a walk down by the water with coffee in hand.



I’m getting the whole “commuting New Yorker” thing down too – I can now read on the train! And I’ve minimized the amount of flailing about when the train is in motion. I’ve even managed to hold & drink coffee on the train without spilling it on myself and the people around me. I think they appreciate that.

Friday night after work I hung out with everyone from work at a bar down the street before meeting up with Jon. We ended up heading to Astoria and eating dinner at the cafe that made the cake for the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. So cool! We didn’t end up having any room for dessert though, so we’ll have to go back another time.


Saturday morning included bagels & coffee which were consumed at a local park in Brooklyn. Then a trip to the library! I had put off going for some time because I thought the closest one away was never on my path home. Turns out it’s just down the street. As in, I live 3 blocks from the library. How cool is that?! Stopped by and checked out three books – it’s Monday night and I’ve already finished one of them so something tells me I’ll be back there soon.

The afternoon was very quiet – Jon helped (aka completely fixed it all himself) back up my hard drive and all of my files. I think my file saving techniques might drive him a bit nuts 🙂 So my files are always pretty thankful when he gets around to saving them all. I finally did laundry again while that was going on – much better experience than last time. I even dried my clothes this time around!


That night we made a fancy dinner – yay for finally cooking a real meal! I got my one weekend to-do list item checked off! We ate dinner while watching A Beautiful Mind – Jon had never seen it before.

Aunt Barb had sent some pasta and homemade canned tomatoes a while back so we opened those up and made some sauteed eggplant and mushrooms (with some herbs from my fire escape garden) to go along with it. Really tasty!


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