Weekly Recap


Between being sick since Wednesday and finally breaking down and subscribing to Netflix, blog posts have been few and far between this week 🙂 So let’s recap.

Monday almost everyone from the office tried The Cinnamon Snail, a vegan food truck, that is new in DUMBO. Super tasty and delicious – I got a creole grilled tofu sandwich. Surprisingly there are only 3 vegetarians in the office. Lunch included subtle (and not so subtle) jabs at vegetarians and vegans. I think the fact that there were doughnuts made without butter and they were still delicious blew everyone’s minds.


Tuesday was the 1st Annual Carrot Corn Hole Tournament. One of the apps that they were working on (before I got there) finally launched and made it’s way into the Apple App store. Look for links within the next week. It’s pretty sweet! To commemorate it, they got two carrot corn hole boards made and we all stayed after work for pizza, wings, and a big tournament. I learned that I’m not very good at this game. Below are the 5 of us in the office that are all from RIT! And in the second picture, you get a decent view at the place I work everyday (this is the main/only room) as well as the office dog, Jonas.


Wednesday I woke up not feeling very well at all so I ended up staying home. We all share the one room at work so it ends up being more like a kindergarden when it comes to germs – they pass around quickly! The day included much sleeping and reading (I finished 2 of my 3 books from the library in 4 days). Jon was super sweet and came over after work with some soup! 🙂 Unfortunately the cold is still around but I’m hoping by Monday it’ll be gone.


Thursday after work I had to go into midtown to pick up my keys from Jon. I have 2 different keys, one for my room & one for my kitchen so apparently the night before when he came over with dinner, he somehow forgot to give them back. Oops! Let’s just say that navigating through tourists in Time Square while sick is just about the last thing I would want to do. Swirling vortex of people and cameras. No I’m not sorry if I accidentally plow you down 🙂

Then finally Friday! Last night after work, Jon & I made a last minute decision to go see his roommate’s last performance in NY before they head back to Italy. They were performing at the Alvin Ailey Theater and I had just enough time to get up there after work for  7:30 show. We did even make it for a brief dinner at my new favorite place called Hale and Hearty – it’s actually a franchised soup place around NYC but they carry the soup in my local grocery store and I’m thinking it’s going to become a regular this winter. The performance itself was great! There were about 12 different dances throughout the night – various groups from NYC, Houston and abroad. [You can read more details about it here.] Between the dance festival two weekends ago, last night & Eric’s performance at City Center next week, we’re becoming quite cultured. Maybe we’ll become dance critics for the NY times or something 🙂

Headed back early last night and fell asleep immediately. Not sure what the plans are for today, think Jon & I will meet up at some point for some adventuring around the city. Speaking of adventuring – it’s so cold! 40 some degrees last night. How did we survive in Rochester?! Wandering around the streets aimlessly is starting to already sound like not sure a good plan.



One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. Hope you’re feeling better. Like the Carrot Corn Hole Rugs – who
    gets to take Jonas home at night? Carrot Creative has FIVE
    persons from RIT. Impressive. Have a good week.

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