Weekend Recap

Before the week gets away from me, let’s finish up the weekend recap.

I finally got over being sick (yay!) except for coughing (sorry fellow subway commuters). Saturday morning was spent cleaning, running some errands, and exploring a bit of Fort Greene. Met up with Jon in the afternoon for lunch & some work on his resume before heading out to Battery Park in Manhattan. We’ve decided that lots of exploring makes the weekends feel so much longer so that’s exactly what we planned to do. First walked along Prospect Park in Brooklyn and checked out the Grand Army Plaza farmers market (doesn’t even begin to compete with Rochester). Took the subway to lower Manhattan and then walked all along the lower west side in the park. It’s super nice down there! I didn’t realize what a large park it is – apparently extends over 10 miles along the water <– spoiler alert: we didn’t make it the whole way.

It was super chilly outside on Saturday -almost needed some gloves. We found ourselves in the World Financial buildings for a little bit – there is a really sweet one with huge stairs and palm trees in the building. Walked up even further and stumbled upon the Irish famine memorial which was shockingly interesting. It’s basically a giant mound of grass and rock walls that look like Ireland – just imagine that center part of the London Olympics during the opening ceremony.


Walked around there until we got hungry and headed up to Houston Street in search of some dinner. We ended up doing quite a bit of walking around here as well to find some food – it was absolutely jam packed with little shops & cute restaurants. Only problem is said restaurants were a wee bit out of our price range. Ended up settling on a mexican place called Caliente and had tasty guacamole made table side – yum! Walked around a bit more before heading back to Brooklyn. I’m slowly but surely checking out NYC neighborhoods – at this rate it’s going to take me years. Definitely fun to just walk around and explore though with no set agenda. Other than food. If Jon and I have learned nothing else in a year and a half of dating – it’s that food is mandatory or we get angry 🙂

Sunday morning was quite the hike to church in Long Island City. Trains on the weekends never run quite the same so it was, yet again, a long commute. After church was a stop at a tea place nearby called Communitea – best loose leaf mint tea ever – and then lunch which we cooked back at Jon’s apartment. Made burrito/wrap type things with naan and sauteed mushrooms, tofu & green beans with soy sauce & some other asiany type things. Quite tasty.


After lunch we headed BACK down to Long Island City and proceeded to walk across the Pulaski bridge into Greenpoint (Brooklyn). I’d never explored Greenpoint or Williamsburg despite all of my train travel directly through them. Super cool views of Manhattan (like always) and it was a nice sunny day. Walked through Greenpoint and some of the neighborhood streets there to Transmitter Park along the East River. It’s a new park that went in a month or so ago and I read about on NYTimes so I wanted to check it out. Continued walking through Williamsburg, some warehouse district, the Brooklyn Flea market & another park and finally to the Metropolitan subway stop where we took it back to Park Slope. Quite the long walk!


Finished up the weekend by cooking some dinner – Salad with avocado, pomegranate seeds and edamame. And pizza made on naan with sun-dried tomato pesto, sauteed mushrooms, avocado, garlic, cheese and fresh herbs! [And an apparently blurry photograph :(]

Basically we walked A LOT this weekend [somewhere close to 12 miles].

And ate a lot of avocados.



One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. Wonderful blog & pictures. For those of us who live vicariously – we
    salute you. Looking forward to seeing you soon .
    Hugs, Nana

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