Fall Foods

Fall is my most favorite season. Hands down. Pumpkins, squash, cool temperatures and crisp air, colored leaves, sweaters and scarves. Love it all.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love it more, I discovered pumpkin greek yogurt and CSA’s! You see, I already thought I worked at a pretty great company but they just started a new initiative with local farmers that made it even better! Once a week we can order fruits/veggies/coffee/bread/dairy/meat from a place called Farmigo. They then deliver it to the office on Tuesday afternoons and we get to take it home. This week I ordered apples, apple cider & squash! And they’re subsidizing part of the costs. Pretty fantastic.


I’m loving dumping loads of veggies into a pot and sautéing them & calling it dinner. Tonight was eggplant, mushrooms, peas, onions & fresh herbs! I also made a side of homemade apple sauce which was super delicious. And served in a cute teacup with a cinnamon stick makes it even better.

Now I just need to find time in my busy schedule to fit in another trip to Trader Joe’s for more of that pumpkin yogurt…



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