Finding Fall in Brooklyn

Finished up with work Friday night, grabbed a quick dinner at DUMBO Kitchen with Jon and then headed to Sunnyside for a movie night with some friends. The halloween themed movie night included Ghostbusters and Psycho.

Saturday morning I took care of some laundry. Except this time I used all of the waiting time to explore my neighborhood. It was one of those fantastic fall mornings- cool air, yellow & orange leaves. I ended up walking for over an hour and a half. Isn’t the lighting amazing? So many cool streets close to my apartment to explore. I even made it into Prospect Park for a bit.


Made it home with clean (dry!) clothes, got some coffee and got ready to head into Manhattan. For some time now Eric’s performance at City Center has been on my calendar and it’s finally here! Can’t believe how fast that time passed. Jon and I met up in Central Park to walk around for a bit before heading to the theater to meet Barb & Joe. The performance was actually three different parts with very different choreography. Really interesting to see ABT do some more contemporary things after I had only ever seen them perform during Met season or the Nutcracker which tend to be more traditional. Really enjoyed it – especially the last part which was Rodeo. After that we headed around the corner to a Mediterranean restaurant called Molyvos. Tasty food & fun to get to sit around and chat for a while. Unfortunately, Eric ended up having to work that night but it was nice to see him for a bit. Thanks for a great night Aunt Barb & Uncle Joe!

Sunday morning I had yet another hour and a half commute to church which is slightly less than fun. Wandered around after the service down by the water which is becoming my new Sunday morning tradition.


After Jon was finished tearing down (he works in tech on Sunday mornings at church) we made our way to the East River Ferry which we took down to DUMBO to check out Smorgasbord. Tasty food for a very late lunch – tofu taco & toasted coconut doughnut. Hung around there & then back at my apartment  (checked out my fire escape for the first time!) for a while before making dinner – grilled cheese (cinnamon raisin bread with apple butter & two kinds of cheese!) and “homemade” tomato soup which really just involves adding a real tomato to a can of (NOT Campbell’s) tomato soup along with fresh herbs. Watched another episode of Sherlock & called it a night.

My cozy room makes me excited for bedtime every night. Is that weird? I basically sleep in a closet with Christmas lights. I happen to love it.


One thought on “Finding Fall in Brooklyn

  1. The grilled cheese sammy you described sounds great … sweet and savory together. I must try it sometime. And thanks for not posting any pics of me looking dazed and confused at the restaurant.

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