After Work

One of the great things about living in a ginormous city is that there is never a shortage of things to do after work. In fact, most of the time I have trouble fitting everything in – I suppose that is not a bad problem to have.

Across the street from work there are not one but two neat bookstores. Fun to poke around there for a bit instead of heading straight home. I came across a book that describes the history of Park Slope (where I’m living). Pretty cool to see all sorts of photos of the streets I’m living and walking on each day – except hundreds of years earlier and filled with horses!

Once a month a guy from church has movie nights at his apartment – like this past Friday when we watched Ghostbusters & ate too many m&m’s and spiced apple cider.

This Monday was the 2nd Carrot girls night that I’ve been around for. We all stayed late in the office to eat dinner together and watch Hocus Pocus. It’s quite convenient that there is a TV, couch and giant bean bag right in the office so we could all pile in there and watch the movie.

Monday nights are also the start of the community group that I joined at church (clearly didn’t go this week). It meets in Long Island City so I have to quick leave from work to make it there on time – luckily weekdays don’t seem to be a problem for trains!

This Wednesday is the 2nd set of welcome drinks at Carrot that I’ve been there for. They’re really big on the culture at Carrot and always make sure to welcome in the newest group of people. Last time there were 4 of us who had just started and now we have two more! Pretty crazy that I’m not the newbie anymore.

The 3rd Thursday of every month (this week) is Digital DUMBO which is held in a building close to work. It’s basically a lot of designers and developers getting together to hang out. Carrot is actually partners/sponsors of it so they have a ton of connections.

Once a week Casey and I try to get together for a “venti date” which basically involves us meeting at a coffeeshop and talking for hours 🙂 Love having familiar friends in the city.

And then there all of the unplanned events that pop up (spontaneous date nights, friends visiting NYC, late nights at work, grocery runs, etc). Keeps me busy!


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