I supposed that being shut inside for the foreseeable future makes this a perfect time to catch up on blogging.

I conveniently chose an apartment on top of a hill. Go me. You see, I just realized that Brooklyn is completely surrounded by water – I mean, duh. But they closed the tunnels going in or out so we’re all kind of out here floating around. Technically, aside from huge gusts of wind for now everything is fine and dandy in the slope. Word is that it’s supposed to get much worse by 8pm tonight though. With the amount of wind we’re getting now, I have a feeling that I’m going to be wrapping myself like a burrito and sticking my head between the pillows tonight.

Parts of Brooklyn are not so lucky and have already started majorly flooding despite the fact that the full hurricane hasn’t even hit! Yikes. Yesterday they shut down the MTA (subways) by 7pm and buses by 9pm. They order a mandatory evacuation of all of zone a (which is basically the entire waterfront of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. DUMBO – where I work – falls in that zone. Needless to say, work was closed for today. This morning they also shut down the tunnels into Manhattan & Jersey. Along with the bridges, I’m assuming? But not sure.

I’m all bundled up on my couch with coffee, blankets, books & work to do! Working from home really isn’t a bad thing 🙂 Got all stocked up on food last night too so I made some squash. There might be some christmas music involved.

More updates on the past few days to come (hoping I still have power for a while – the wind is really picking up!) My parents have already lost power 😦

Remember this? It’s the Long Island City waterfront near church.

Well, it look like this now:


And I’ll leave you with this:

I love twitter during storms.




One thought on “Stormducken

  1. Sorry, but I must call a penalty for unnecessary Christmas music before Thanksgiving, 2 minutes. And no, the pretend Thanksgiving in NJ last week does not count. That was a preseason holiday.

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