Storm Update #2

Feeling pretty fortunate to be inside my apartment that still has power, water and internet. It’s not on fire, no giant tree down the center of it, all the windows are intact, and there is not four feet of water around the base. All in all, Park Slope seems to be the place to be in a storm like this. Just before the storm, I ventured out for a last minute walk. Everyone was quite calm except for the one dad and his two sons who were running through the streets yelling “Frankenstorm 2012, run for your lives!” The people of Park Slope seem to prepare for storms by buying absolutely massive amounts of food and wine, lots of water and getting their nails done (?). Weird.

There are numerous trees and large branches down around my street. Although I have no gone outside yet to actually see anything – Twitter picture suit my needs for now. There is a wire precariously dangling from our roof but so far it looks okay.

In fact, much of last night looked like this:

So grateful to have not been home alone yesterday. My roommate and I hung out for much of last night. We reorganized the kitchen – so much counter space now! Baked tasty cookies, made tea and obsessively watched the news. When we had seen every loop of video footage that NY1 had to offer, we watched Adventureland on Netflix. Aside from the power flickering on and off a bunch of times, a few car alarms when branches would fall, loud clunking on the roof and heavy rain, we were fine. The giant trees in the front and backyards were somewhat concerning especially after seeing pictures of other giant trees uprooted around the city. But we weren’t under 4+ feet of water.

Millions of other people are still without power, water and internet – or with homes that are completely wiped out or burned down. I cannot even begin to imagine. The mayor declared this the “worst thing to happen to NYC since September, 11th, 2001”. Now, I have just moved here and haven’t experienced it all but I’d venture a guess after seeing everything that happened last night that it very well might be.

Fell asleep last night to the loud sounds of sirens and huge flashes of blue/green light a few blocks away of a power station exploding.


When I woke up this morning, there was a bright rainbow peeking through the clouds. Pretty crazy. It’s still very windy and was raining this morning when I got up. MTA services are down until further notice  (they said up to a week more) so I’m working from home until that point. The 4 mile walk to work through trees down doesn’t sound like the wisest idea right now.

Hope everyone made it through the storm okay!




One thought on “Storm Update #2

  1. Thanks for the nice pics Emily. However, I do have a complaint. First you brought tornadoes with you when you migrated from Chicago, and now this. Are you part Mayan or what?
    FYI, I have all this time to hassle you because work has been closed for 4 days and I’ve got to do something while I’m at Panera using the free WiFi and electricity. We have massive generators at work, but they run just the critical freezers / refrigerators plus some other equipment, not the regular lights and HVAC. Now you know why new drugs cost so much.
    Be safe.

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