Thanksgiving Part One

In un-weather related news, this past weekend was family weekend in New Jersey! After work on Friday I took the train (which is now flooded and has a boat (?) on it) to Hawthorne where my mom, dad & nana had all drive up for thanksgiving dinner part one. I seem to have traveled home with the rest of Manhattan. Working and living in Brooklyn allows me to stay far away from the scary large masses of people that descend upon the World Trade PATH station. Yikes. This shot doesn’t even show the full extent of it.


Made it safe and sound to Hawthorne just in time for dinner. Super delicious food – mashed cauliflower, green beans, vegetarian stuffing, onion (casserole?) and the best cranberries I’ve ever had. Yum! I knew I loved this holiday. What better way than to celebrate it THREE times this year!


On Saturday we hung around for a bit before driving up to New Haven, Connecticut to see Cornell play volleyball against Yale! Pretty fall drive up north before all of the leaves were blown off.


Yale’s campus is absolutely gorgeous. We had lunch at a mexican restaurant and walked around briefly before we walked over to the game.


The game was great! We didn’t know what to expect since Yale was ranked number 1 in the ivy league for volleyball – but Cornell won the first set! They unfortunately lost the overall match (1-3) but it was really cool to see them play so well! It was a pretty sweet gym too – the outside of it looked like that medieval castle style shown above but the inside was this gym.



And last but not least, fit in some kitty snuggling before it was time to head back to Brooklyn! Great weekend with family, wish it didn’t have to be cut short by the storm but better that we were all safely tucked inside before it hit.


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