The State of NY

Gas stations are either completely out or low on gas, there was a 2,000+ person line waiting to go across the Brooklyn/Manhattan bridges this morning and the bagels are no longer fresh. But I’ve been back at work as of yesterday. Without water or heat, but we’re back.

The water levels in DUMBO have finally receded and volunteer clean-up crews have been working endlessly to get all of the trash and debris out of the streets. Store front windows closest to the water have been smashed, books at Powerhouse have been soaked and floating in water. Cookies from One Girl Cookies were seen floating down the street. One of the grocery stores is open but without power so people are checked out by candlelight.
Subway systems are back up and running – sort of. Basically I can only get as far as 4 stops from my house. Conveniently my normal route to work is only 5 stops so the extra 20 minute walk is not too bad and the rides are all free.
Getting off the train was a rather frightening experience as an entire train’s worth of people suddenly flooded the platform and rushed towards the one staircase at the end hoping to get in line for the buses to Manhattan. There were over SO many people (wrapped across many blocks) waiting for these buses. I cannot even begin to imagine how long that ride and wait would take. I got an offer to hop in a car to go across the Brooklyn Bridge with a couple. Bloomberg has mandated a 3 person per car rule going into the city because there is such an overwhelming amount of traffic.

Photo by Rob Cleary

Throughout the day I read of stories of 5 hour commutes into Manhattan, lines for gas that wrapped around 4 or 5 blocks (even when they got there, people were only allowed 1 gallon each) and looting in the streets.
I am so so so thankful tonight to still have power and running water. Life in Park Slope seems surprisingly normal in comparison. Manhattan and Queens appear to have been hit the worst as lower Manhattan has no subway service, no water and no power. I’ve yet to go into Manhattan – and don’t think I will be anytime soon. Heard it’s quite scary at night with no cell service, no street lights and cars/bikes kind of going wherever they want.
A few of the girls from work actually got together tonight and we went to to the opening of the new West Elm store on the block in DUMBO (what a crazy week for a store opening). It was such a great thing to see the DUMBO community all come out tonight – west elm has actually had their doors open all week handing out free coffee because of the storm. It’s eerie to look across the river at night and see nothing but darkness. Luckily I have coworkers headed in the same direction at night which makes the longer walk better. It was weird to get on a train with about four other people tonight and head back home – so empty. It’s obvious that this place is no where near being put back to normal.
Hoping to see Jon tomorrow night for the first time in two weeks! This whole no easy transportation between Brooklyn & Manhattan or Queens is going to make it difficult to see each other for a bit. Nothing else really planned for the weekend. Everything is pretty much in chaos when it comes to transportation so maybe a weekend of watching movies & reading wouldn’t be the worst thing.
A few sources for pictures:
with many more to come…

2 thoughts on “The State of NY

  1. Incredible pictures. Really bring reality home. Have checked out all the
    links. Thanks. You would have made a good pioneer. More fortunate
    than many. So far to go yet. Love & hugs & thank you. Nana

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