It’s Always Something

No shortage of stories around here.

This weekend my roommate called while I was out to say that something had been leaking down to the people in the apartment below so they brought in a plumber. Turns out that plumber had pent up anger and liked to use sledgehammers because I came home to the scene below. The destruction was somewhat funny to find because coming in the front door I found a pile of concrete, at the top of the stairs before I got to my room I found two more buckets of rubble and finally this.

I supposed that’s one way to take a look at a broken pipe. Clearly an older NY Brownstone that needs a wee bit of help – in the form of smashing all of the tiles out and replacing them. So that’s a fun addition to the apartment.

Good thing I bought myself a gym membership to a gym down the street.

I got to spend most of the weekend with Jon 🙂 After church on Sunday (which I made it to 30 minutes early! despite the crazy Sandy train schedule) we went out to brunch at a place called El Aye Si (LIC, get it?) and had much needed coffee and tasty french toast. Jon needed some organizational things for his room and of course I spring at any chance to get to The Container Store so we headed into Manhattan for that. Found solutions for organizational problems I didn’t even know I had <- actually didn’t buy anything but that store suddenly makes me want to contain everything in small jars and colorful boxes.

I had talked about taking Jon to look at clothes for a while because I wanted to see what he looked like in plaid so we finally went! Basically involved me throwing him in a dressing room and making him try on whatever I picked out 🙂

This weekend also gave me some much needed organization of my room. The heat was finally turned on in my apartment (!) which meant that things needed to be moved around in order to unblock the heat vent. Starting to feel more like my place.. slowly. I like having such a small place, cleaning takes about 10 minutes. Now if this place wasn’t so dang dusty…

And finally, proof that I don’t kill all plants (just that one mint plant….). It’s alive! And used quite frequently!

Sandy Update: Things are feeling mostly back to normal, in my life anyway. This is not the case for lots and lots of people who were displaced due to the storm and those who still are without heat or power. But the F train is finally running again which makes things a heck of a lot easier. Aside from the fact that it felt like a clown car this morning – I swear the population of NYC doubled in the past week. People were all smooshed together for the ride to work. Good thing I got that flu shot this year…


One thought on “It’s Always Something

  1. Oh, Jon, Jon, Jon … I feel your pain regarding clothes shopping. Welcome to the Ken doll club; I’m president of the Hawthorne chapter. Little girls that play with dolls eventually grow up to be women who dress their significant other.

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