Election 2012

Spoiler alert: Obama won.

The election, as you all know, was on Tuesday. Before heading off to work, I got in this seemingly short line to vote at an elementary school down the street. “Seemingly short” really meant an hour and a half of standing in line. Plenty of time for me to be completely appalled and annoyed at the voting system. Granted, NYC is a little different than everyone else this time around – due to Sandy, we had 5 districts voting in the same room. Chaos I tell you. Standing around didn’t end up being that much of a hassle (just long) as I got to talk to some neighbors.

The UX designer in me cringed at this whole process.


After attempting to figure out this crazy mess of a ballot, determining which side was up and scanning it into the machine, I was on my way. An hour late to work.


Tuesday night after work, I ended up going home and was just about content with sitting on my couch reading NYTimes and watching the election results come in. That was until Jon texted and said he was at democracy plaza in midtown (30 Rock) where they had the whole place decorated up. They were actually keeping track of the electoral votes on the building! As the reslts came in there were guys in boxes on the building that were raised up to show who was winning. Every time new results came in everyone cheered. Pretty neat experience. Also got to meet up with some more photo people from RIT which was nice!

Unfortunately we ended up leaving at 11, not knowing that they would announce a winner at 11:15 but that’s alright. Found out on Twitter on the train ride home. It was a great way to watch the results – way better than just sitting on my couch so I’m glad I went!



One thought on “Election 2012

  1. You’re wonderful….Nice to be a part of your evening. Good deal. I
    had a quiet evening but up until 2 a.m. to just soak in all the
    wonderful results. Love lines when I vote.

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