Fall Nor’easter

Wednesday we were hit by a big nor’easter. Not exactly what the people of NYC needed at this time. It started snowing sometime in the afternoon and continued well on into the night – not sure what the final accumulation was. It was quite pretty. I was torn between being ridiculously excited that we were getting snow and sad for all of the people still without power or water.

I couldn’t help but grin while walking down the near empty streets in Park Slope. It appears that New Yorkers are afraid of snow.


Aside from people getting off the subway and heading home, no one was outside. Most shops had closed up. Thankfully the grocery store was still open because I’m apparently the only crazy person who actually went out and did normal grocery shopping in this weather. Thanks for the tolerance of winter, Rochester. I might have lingered outside for a while to watch it all come down before heading in with frozen fingers and toes.


Got back to my warm and cozy apartment to make some dinner. Seems like the nights that I’m actually home before 10 and I have time to make dinner are few and far between. Dinner was quinoa polenta with field roast (veggie) sausage, sauteed mushrooms and salad! It might have also made it into my lunch for the following few days. Reason #100 to love my job, lunch time! Seriously so awesome that almost every day people stop and take a one hour lunch break. Like we’re talking eating lunch around a table with a bunch of coworkers! Best part of the day.

An unfortunate consequence of this storm was the huge amount of trees that fell because of the snow 😦 A hurricane blows through followed by a nor’easter and trees are unhappy. I woke up the next morning to branches everywhere and the street blocked off due to a massive tree down. We’ve lost so many trees lately.

Hoping for no more major weather events for a bit here while the city gets itself back together.



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