Weekend Summed Up

This picture pretty much sums up the weekend.


Friday night after work I headed to midtown to meet Jon. We ended up going to Union Square for dinner to a place called Bite – I had walked by it a month or so back and wanted to try it out. Bite is a tiny Mediterranean place with good meat & veggie options. So tasty! It will definitely be visited again. I got a half vegan sandwich & black bean soup (SO SPICY).

Saturday morning was laundry! Yay! Who knew that it would become such a hassle, seriously I get so excited every time I finally have a full closet of clean clothes. And pancakes with sauteed apples! They were supposed to be breakfast but uhm… accidentally were eaten around noon. Whoops. Soon after I quick got ready and we headed to Central Park to meet Casey and Ariana (who I hadn’t seen since graduation!). Had fun catching up at a cafe in midtown before walking a ways up to Central Park to take pictures, walk around and climb rocks. (See photo above). There will be more of those to come but it’s on Ariana’s camera.

Saturday night was reading (I’ve finished 2 of my 5 books in less than a week – officially a subway book worm) and chinese food eating. Jon & I went to Tofu on 7th for some lo mein (<– the only thing I ever order at chinese food places).

This morning was church – YAY G TRAIN! It’s finally up and running which meant that it only took 30 minutes to get to church!!! Read on the train (of course) which made it go even faster. In fact not only did I read on the train but I drank coffee at the same time – I think I’m getting used to this place. After the 1st service I headed over to the other side to take care of babies. Only one kid in the 0-2 group this morning so we had fun climbing through tunnels (her, not me), flipping through books and eating animal crackers.

After church I headed into Manhattan for some wandering. I was starving at this point so I found a cafe in SoHo before I continued my wandering. Ended up buying a sweater and a few other things I’ve been looking for and then just enjoyed walking through the streets. So so so many tourists. But it was an absolutely gorgeous day (62 degrees!) so extra time behind slow walkers (tourist with iPads) wasn’t a big deal 🙂

Also, can I just point out – who would have thought that I would be wandering by myself through the streets of NYC “just because”?? Definitely not my 12 year old self.

This evening included catching up with my parents, reading (MORE of it!), dealing with small critters that have infested my chive plant 😦 and cooking dinner (salad with baked tofu, carrots, cheese, mushrooms, and polenta).

Can’t believe this is the last full week before Thanksgiving! Can’t wait!


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