Big Kid Moments + Enchiladas

I rarely feel old enough to be living and working in a city all on my own.

What’s for dinner? Who knows, you’re the one in charge. Want to watch 3 TV shows on Netflix before bed? Don’t mind if I do. Want to sleep in until the last possible second? Why yes, of course. No one will even pull the covers off of me.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic most of the time. Just weird to stop and think about it.

Big kid moments come about most frequently when I meander my way down the street in search of dinner after work. It’s 7:30, just gotten off a train (that was stuck in a station due to signal errors) and have the hard choice between going to a restaurant, getting things to make enchiladas or homemade pancakes. Tough choice, huh?

Homemade enchiladas it is.

Union Market, about 5 blocks away, is my grocery store of choice for quick dinner items. They’re friendly, clean place and lots and lots of veggies. The problem with me and grocery shopping is that I’m horribly indecisive. In Wegmans, no one noticed me spending 10 minutes trying to decide what kind of peanut butter I wanted. (hint: the peanut butter aisle is the best place for random small talk with strangers… everyone looks confused with so many choices.) However, in NYC grocery stores are SMALL and I apparently go on off times so I appear to be in the only one in the store. This leads to the shop owner watching me as I try to desperately make up my mind of what to get.

Deciding that I want enchiladas is one thing but it wasn’t until getting to the store that I didn’t have the slightest idea what actually went into an enchilada. I just remember them being delicious.

After trying to remember the last time I had actually eaten one, I ended up with green onions, tortillas, green chilis, two different kinds of mushrooms and a can with the label “Enchilada Sauce”. Well, it was a good start.

Made my way back to my apartment and dumped the items onto the counter to figure out what to do with them. Luckily I got the main concept of enchiladas down – spicy, tortillas wrapped tightly with stuff inside, red sauce stuff on top and lots of cheese.

One lesson I learned from my parents is that you can’t really go wrong when you wrap something in a tortilla and then sprinkle cheese on top.

Enchiladas are not exactly a photogenic food – in fact it looks like I made burritos of mush. But you’ll just have to take my word for it – these were delicious! Something I’d definitely make again. And guess what! I’ll be eating these from now until eternity.

The big kid part of the problem I haven’t figured out yet – planning for vacations. I’m leaving on Wednesday morning for Wisconsin and I just made a huge pan of enchiladas… this sounds like a challenge.



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