Plane Time Catch-Up

Apparently sticking me on a plane with no wifi is the only way ill actually get around to blogging lately. It’s been busy!!


Last Friday night some coworkers from RIT admissions were in NYC for interviews so I was able to meet up with them after work! We ended up switching between Max Brenners and Heartland Brewery. Lots of talking and catching up!

Saturday morning involved laundry, a walk around the neighborhood and a trip to the hardware store before heading to queens to see Jon. We ended up taking a super long 6+ mile walk from his apartment to Socrates Park, Roosevelt Island and finally all the way back. We were both more than exhausted by the time we finished but it was fun exploring! Roosevelt island is the one that Cornell is going to be taking over for their engineering school or something. Made it back for dinner – dressed up Mac & cheese with garlic, rosemary and basil and strawberry margaritas made by Jon’s roommate.




Sunday involved lots of crazy train travel as is the norm for weekends in NYC apparently. It took forever to actually get anywhere. At one point we were on a bus that was moving so slowly that people walking were passing us by quite a few blocks. Needless to say we hopped off that as soon as possible and eventually made it to the Renegade craft fair in Williamsburg to meet up with a friend from RIT! It was pretty chilly out but still fun to walk around and look at lots of vendors and drink hot apple cider!

Sunday night was perhaps the best part of the weekend. After the craft fair Jon and I headed into manhattan to look for a dress for me for my cousins wedding this week (failed at finding one). But we did get to walk around through te Christmas booths in union square park! And went to dinner at S’Mac – a macaroni and cheese restaurant. Soooo tasty! They make individual portions of Mac and cheese in cast iron. Mine had goat cheese, olives and spinach added. Yum. Plus it was a nice and cozy restaurant. After we wanted to find a bar for a quick drink except we were denied!! Thrown out of a bar for being actually being 21… Kind of annoying. But it turned out to be a great thing because just around the corner was Think Coffee, a cute little place where we ended up sitting around and talking for a few hours. We definitely hope to make that place a regular habit.

We’re beginning the descent into Milwaukee so ill have to wrap up this post and finish it another time! I promise pictures from the past week sometime later this week. Right now I have family and pie waiting for me 🙂



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