A Carrot Thanksgiving

Tuesday at work was Carrot’s Thanksgiving meal. It was a potluck so everyone was assigned a dish – I brought cranberries, Aunt Barb’s recipe. It worked out super well! And I even had leftover pomegranates from it to eat for breakfast.



So much tasty food! There are 50 of us, so leftovers were not an issue.



And more desserts than we could handle. Someone even brought Hostess products because they had announced bankruptcy a day earlier.

All around a fun night – great way to have all 50 of us, wearing construction paper indian hats, sit down at a giant table for a meal. Couldn’t ask for better coworkers! Definitely made me even more excited and thankful that I work at Carrot.


When the night was over, I quick made my way to Jon’s because I had an early plane to catch!

(a few days behind in posts so expect clumps of updates…my apologies. i was busy eating pie.)



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