We ate pie.

We spent the week talking, eating swimming, walking, movie watching, Rummikub playing, and book reading

And when we got hungry, we ate pie.



I think my dad was the one that said time in Wisconsin doesn’t exist.

At least for Thanksgiving week, that is. After arriving on Wednesday, I totally and completely lost track of time and any obligation to the outside world (aside from tweeting pictures of food and trees). It was so nice to be surrounded by trees and nature – even though I hardly even ventured outside. It was quiet. No subway platforms, trains to catch, or places to be.

One of the days I almost slept until noon. That never happens. Ever. Apparently my body needed the rest and enjoyed sleeping in a dark room for once.


The food was delicious as always. It might have motivated me to up my game when it comes to meal planning and dinner making for myself on a regular basis. Three kinds of homemade pizza on Wednesday night – I suddenly have no reason to try NY style pizza. Delicious thanksgiving food on Thursday – which makes for the best leftovers on days following.




Time spent hanging around with family, listening to Karl give piano performances in the barn and playing with the dogs.










Who doesn’t love spending a week in a house filled with family and food?

Especially when time doesn’t exist.




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