Fashionably Late

My monthly goal of having a gym membership has unfortunately coincided with my monthly goal to actually plan meals and cook dinners that involve real recipes. Tasty and healthy, yes. Good for my sleep schedule? No.

Lately I’ve been getting home from work around 7:15, quick changing for the gym, running the 5 blocks down to the gym, and getting home somewhere around 9. This has been awesome, except for the fact that I’ve been trying to cook dinner. So, I am now a fashionably late diner. Apparently I should move to Spain.

Inspired by my uncle Dan’s cooking last week at Thanksgiving, I attempted to actually follow a recipe. Shocking, right? I might have left out an ingredient (potatoes because I couldn’t find my vegetable pealer), not followed the directions on time (waiting 40 minutes for vegetables to “become mushy” at 10pm?! I don’t think so – instead I decided to let the blender take care of the rest) and might have added the cream at the wrong time.


But it was delicious! And I successfully learned how to cook with celery root. Each week at work, through Farmigo, we can order vegetables and other things of our choice. This week I got a grab bag of root vegetables which included lots of tiny potatoes, fresh carrots, tons of beets and these puppies:


Celery root! Turns out they’re not as complicated as it looks. It was absolutely delicious. In case you’re so inclined, here is the recipe.


Also, if you’re interested in learning more about what Farmigo is (and seeing some sweet shots of the Carrot office) here you go. from Carrot Creative on Vimeo.

I have some more recipes to try out in the next few weeks so stay tuned.


One thought on “Fashionably Late

  1. I’ve never cooked celery root – shall give it a go. If you can’t locate
    your vegetable peeler – there is always a knife, or, scrub well and
    leave the peels on – depends on what you’re making. You go girl.

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