Carrot Love

Can I just talk about work for a second? It’s been awesome lately. Something about leaving it for a few days for Thanksgiving made me realize just how much I love it there. The office is crazy and loud at times but it’s pretty fantastic. There are so many projects going on and things happening.

I came back from Thanksgiving to this sitting on my desk: new mouse pad. 20121202-202710.jpg

There are office candy runs to a store a couple blocks down that looks like this. Seriously. It’s like walking into Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I mostly go for the change of scenery and to stretch my legs.


This week Carrot got some branding plates (is that what they’re called?) which means this is what the scene behind my desk looks like on a regular basis. We got 2 lone whiskey barrels delivered to the office a while back and they have now become branded with test runs of Carrot logos. photo 4

Today was the annual holiday photo for the office. Here are just a few of the Carrots. You’ll have to wait and see the end product but there are about 15 of us missing from this picture. Trying to organized 40+ people into a small space and take their photo is not an easy task.

photo 5-1

I’ve spent the past 2 days in research mode for a new project but I think we finally hit an awesome point today. It’s fun to step away from the computer and brainstorm in sketches or just talking. We’re also undertaking some new technology when it comes to building websites so that adds an element of stress & fun. Lots to learn and seems like not enough hours in a day. I suppose it’s never a bad thing to genuinely enjoy what you’re working on.

Also of note: yesterday was my 3 month Carrot anniversary! Have I really already lived here that long?


3 thoughts on “Carrot Love

  1. How wonderful to be so wrapped up in what you are doing. You are very lucky. Challenging, exhausting, exhilarating, low places, the
    mountain tops – no matter what happens remember, it’s temporary.
    You go girl. Your cheerleader in Georgia. Hugs.

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