On Waiting

There are occasionally sermons that seem to be directly talking to me. They come at the exact right time, like this morning.

I woke up later than I hoped this morning. I rushed to get ready and stopped by the coffee shop down the block for coffee & a scone before heading to the subway. My G train luck continued and it pulled up just as I got to the subway platform. Everything seemed to be going just fine until we got to the Bedford Nostrand stop where the train prompted stopped and announced we’d have to switch to a shuttle bus. Said bus took its sweet time wandering the streets of Brooklyn and stopping frequently. Needless to say, it was reminenscent of the Bronx bus ride with Jon up to Sarah’s volleyball game a few months ago. At 9:10, I was still in Williamsburg and it became quite clear that getting to church by 9:15 was highly unlikely.

photo 3

That’s the point in time where I have the decision to sit there annoyed at the situation and anxious to get off the bus OR I can quickly accept the situation. I chose the later and decided to enjoy my free ride through parts of Brooklyn I’ve never been to (and likely wont return to after seeing them above ground). I drank my coffee, read a little in my book and spent the majority of the time looking out the window. Thankful, at least, that I wasn’t stuck underground.

Eventually I made it to Long Island City where I quickly walked the few blocks to church and got in just in time for the sermon…

On waiting and patience.

Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. There could not have been a better time to be reminded of this especially considering how easy it is to be annoyed about being late all of the time or waiting in line or having it take forever to get somewhere.

I knew that after church I’d have to rush out to get to work by 11 (more on that another time) but I remained focused & not worried about the impending weekend (read: impossible) commute that needed to happen. 10:30 after the last Christmas song I said hi & bye and rushed out the door to the subway. Somehow I made it 12 stops in less than 30 minutes and was only about 10 minutes late for work.

So next time I’m horribly late for anything I’ll remember to just enjoy the ride and be thankful for the fact that, just like the rest of New Yorkers, I can blame it on the MTA.


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