Monday Recap

Monday started off fantastically. The way that you’d hope for every week to start off: relaxed! I think, in part, my cooking & cleaning last night put me in a good mood to start the week so upon waking up I made coffee & drank it on the couch while reading the NYTimes (the weekend edition that takes me all week to read).

Work was good, lots of projects here or there. Most of the major projects for the year have already launched or are getting ready to launch soon (which means they’re past the stage I work on them). At the end of the quarter things start to slow down (which is good!) to give everyone a chance to reset for the new year. We’re starting to implement some new processes for wireframing which should be a good challenge for the next few months. I have to constantly remind myself that I just graduated from college 6 months ago and I need to focus on absorbing as much new material as possible! Of course the idea is to never stop learning but it’s especially important to remember that this is my 1st job out of school and there’s so much growing that’s going to happen. I often forget that I’m as new to this as I am, somedays it feels like I’ve been working full time forever. Full days of work don’t really feel weird at all. In fact, I was thinking about how jumbled and cut up my class schedule was the other day and it seemed hard to believe!

I’m absolutely loving getting to focus on work at work and when I come home I get to focus on other things. I think it will play a huge part down the line in not burning out! As long as I can remember to keep this mindset 🙂

Tonight’s after work activity was a church christmas party up in Long Island City! I headed up there and was shocked at just how many people turned out for the event. Church meets in an Italian restaurant so the owner kindly opened her restaurant just for the party and cooked all of the food! Super tasty food and fun hanging around to chat. They even had a photobooth set up which Jon & I might have tested out. Also loving walking home at night looking at all of the Christmas lights!! Best part of the season.

Time for bed soon – these last 2 weeks before Christmas break are going to be quite full!

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One thought on “Monday Recap

  1. You have an amazing insight. Welcome to the real world. It is a continuing, challenging world. Important to separate out work and regular “life” . This day will not come again – how do you choose to spend it ? You go girl. Love and support are behind you all the way.

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