Calligraphy Scroll

So here’s the reason that blogging has been put on the back burner since last week (or one of them).

I’ve been working on a calligraphy scroll as a Christmas gift for the Founders of Carrot. It’s really long.


I found out about it last Wednesday, went shopping for supplies with a co-worker that day and then started on it Thursday night. Basically spent all of Thursday night watching (10) episodes of How I Met Your Mother while cutting, painting & writing. In total, I had 4 pages of text to write out (single spaced!).





Thursday night I made a considerable dent in it – about halfway through. Worked some on Friday morning. Skipped Friday night because I was up in Queens at a birthday party/game night with a bunch of friends from church! Eating pizza, playing crazy card games, listening to Christmas music & eating cupcakes!

Picked it back up on Saturday morning for a bit. Took a break for Eric’s performance – covered in a following blog post! Then worked more on Saturday night, Sunday morning and finally finished up on Sunday night around 10:30. Yikes!




It was rather long.


(And was not quite as wrinkly as the above picture suggests – weird lighting, maybe?)

But nothing beats actually watching people unroll it and read through the quotes. There was something crazy awesome about writing down 40+ quotes about why people love working at Carrot.


2 thoughts on “Calligraphy Scroll

  1. Ohmigosh ! What an awesome project. Most impressed with your
    project & the persistance necessary to complete it in such a short
    time. “Never second-guess inspiration”

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