Events of the Weekend

Creative Mornings

Last Friday was another Creative Mornings event in DUMBO. They hold events across the world, once a month, and bring in local speakers to inspire people & tell their stories. This one was the last of the year so they brought in 3 people who are normally in the audience. Each had their own unique and interesting story. They go from roughly 8:30 until 10 and provide breakfast and coffee. It was an early morning waking up at 6am but definitely a great way to start off a Friday  – I went with 3 of the other designers from Carrot. It was also conveniently located right across the street from our building!




Eric’s Nutcracker Performance

Saturday afternoon, Jon & I met up with Aunt Barb & Uncle Joe to see Eric perform in the Nutcracker. We had actually seen the show last year but I was super excited to go again – plus it was Jon’s first Nutcracker, ever! We both loved it! It’s always so exciting to actually know someone on stage. Unfortunately can’t take any pictures in the actual theater so you’ll just have to imagine the gorgeous set & dancing (or look it up on NYTimes – or go see it yourself next year). Got a tour of backstage after the show by David – got to stand on the stage & see Mama Ginger’s dress up close and personal.

Afterwards we all headed down a few blocks to Olea for dinner. We had gone there last year as well and loved it. It’s a part of Brooklyn that I actually hadn’t been to since this time last year so it’s weird to think that I actually live here now! Delicious dinner – spicy feta & beet dips with pita, artichokes, roasted brussels sprouts, pizza with honey & other ingredients that I can’t remember, and eggplant tomato soup with roasted garlic which was amazing!! Thanks so much for dinner & the show, Barb & Joe! Had a great night & we get even more family time next week!

Children’s Christmas Pageant, Grand Central & Coffee Date

Sunday morning was the children’s Christmas pageant at church – so adorable. I made it to church on time and everything – despite the fact that I spent all of Sunday missing my trains by about 30 seconds. Spent some quality time below ground but at least it makes for sweet pictures.



After church I headed on some secret Christmas missions (can’t tell) and then headed into Manhattan (Grand Central) to look for a dress for the Carrot Christmas party (failed). But I got to see Grand Central for the first time! There was a cool Christmas market set up in the entrance and lights all around. I can’t believe I haven’t made it there yet – I always seem to be in the subway passing underneath. But finally got that checked off my list.

After wandering around I headed south to meet up with Katherine & Nicole two people I had known in Middle/High School to talk design. They’re both graduating soon and had some questions about internships and what not. It was super rainy and gross out Sunday so not great for walking around but we found a tiny coffee shop with about 4 seats in it and talked for over an hour.


Finally finished out the weekend with some more calligraphy and hanging out with Jon. I didn’t actually realize how much I managed to pack in a single weekend. It was busy but productive! Had to be since I’m headed home for Christmas this Friday.



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