2012 in Review

Last year at RIT, graduation, moving to Chicago, internship at Leo Burnett, long distance relationshipmoving to NYCaccepting first full time job… I’d say this has been a pretty big year.

Looking back through photos that I’ve taken over the past year, I was struck by how many places I had been, people I had seen and things I’ve done. A blog is a rather nice way to compile everything together – and to think this one only started for my Chicago adventure!

January was kicked off by my final midterms for Winter Quarter. A crazy whirlwind of homework assignments, papers, projects and work. I’m sure I packed some fun things in there but for the time being, I can’t seem to remember. Lived with Kristin, Devan and a constantly rotating 3rd roommate. Many late nights ended in singing, piling into the living room in our PJ’s, making roommate dinners, doing homework together and going on adventures in Rochester.

April meant Jon leaving for NYC (which was probably one of the saddest days thus far). So incredibly hard to say goodbye and move him out of his apartment but little did we know that we’d be back in the same city (kind of) just months later! (If only I had been reassured of that at the time…). The next few months included lots of girl time with my awesome friends and lots of memories for my last months at RIT.

Took a trip in April in the middle of Spring Quarter to see Jon in NYC. Met with Carrot for the first time at Creativity Industry Day where I got to meet them in person and show my portfolio. Continued packing my days with last minute Rochester to do items (bike rides, yoga classes, exploring, public market). School continued on with projects to work on and portfolios to complete. Pretty sure my motivation levels were at an all time low.



May was a whirlwind of final projects, last classes (EVER), presentations, portfolio walkthroughs and wrapping things up at the admissions office. I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am for having that job for 4 years. Starting out as a freshman in the mailroom stuffing letters and four years later getting to work on 5 RIT Students behind the scenes with Ashley and everyone else really helped shape what I eventually wanted to do with my career. It definitely became more than just an on campus job. Looking back at it makes me realize just how many doors it opened and friends that I met through working there. Not to mention a good boost of self-confidence that comes with leading 50 people tours on Open House days.




The end of May brought graduation. The close of four years at RIT was bittersweet – I thoroughly enjoyed my four years there but definitely felt ready to move on and have new adventures. How about a giant thank you to Mom & Dad for their support over my four years there!!


Packed up all of my belongings (thanks mom, dad & Sarah) and left Rochester for the last time (at least so far..). Got home on Sunday and had a quick 4 days to unpack & resort items to get ready to move out to Chicago.

The short time home was not without a trip on June 1st back up to NYC to interview at Carrot Creative! Despite already having the internship at Leo Burnett set up for the summer, I was eager to meet with Carrot and see if something might happen for August when I was finished.  It was also a much needed weekend to see Jon for the last time before heading off to Chicago for the summer (two days later).


June 11th was my official 1st day at Leo Burnett. [If you recall, that was also the first day that this blog started. Which thankfully means that the year has been documented from then on. For such a crazy hectic eventful year, I’m loving having a written record of things that I have packed into it.]



In between work and sleeping, the summer was spent exploring everything there was to see in Chicago, crashing on Kristin’s couch for the summer, hanging out with Remy & Kristin, making new friends at Leo, playing volleyball on the beach, spending hours at coffee shops, swimming in Lake Michigan, trying new restaurants and learning to entertain myself and feel comfortable exploring on my own in a new city!


Definitely learned a boatload of things at Leo and am thankful for my time there, but one of the major things I learned this summer, is that it wasn’t for me! It was an awesome opportunity but the whole time I felt this constant nag that there was something else out there for me that was a much better fit.


Early August I began talking with Carrot Creative again and they officially offered me a job – just a week before my last day at Leo! A quick trip to Wisconsin to see my grandparents was made before packing all of my things up (AGAIN) and driving back to the East Coast. Frantic trip up to NYC to look for housing and then a week at home to finish packing for the big move up to Brooklyn.


The beginning of September was my first day at Carrot Creative and I haven’t looked back! I’m currently starting my fifth month there and I absolutely love it! It was also the end of the long distance relationship nonsense (yay!).


Since then, well… you’ve all been reading that day in and day out. Exploring NYCloving Brooklyn, making friends, walking everywhere, hurricane Sandyspilling coffee..

If you had told me 12 months ago that I would be writing my 2012 recap post from my very own yellow couch in Brooklyn the night before I head back to work, I probably would have told you that you were crazy.

I’m so incredibly thankful for all of the changes and new adventures that have happened this year & even more thankful for all of the family and friends who have been there along the way!

Here’s to an awesome 2012! Now let’s see what 2013 has in store.. 


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