Prospect Park as my backyard

How in the world did I survive 4 years in Rochester?! I find myself questioning this frequently as the temperatures have gone down below 30 this week. Yikes.Thankfully today was a bit warmer – 35 degrees. Jon had the idea to have some coffee this morning & then set out on a walk through Prospect Park. It was gorgeous and sunny out, great day for a walk! Wandered our way through the park to some spots I have not yet been – it’s so huge that you can easily miss parts despite walking around it a ton.

Such a pretty blue sky and lots of ice in the lakes (although definitely not enough to walk on). I can’t get over the fact that I live so close to this awesome place. It’s such a different place than Manhattan that I often forget where I am while walking through it. Nice change of pace to be walking through trees with no buildings in site. I’m already super excited for the spring & summer – it will be so nice to use it as my giant backyard!

photo 4 photo 1 photo 3

Made our way back from the park and got some bread & salad things from the grocery store for a late lunch. Had time to catch up on reading the paper as well – which was excellent because after not being here for 2 weekends it was starting to pile up! We had plans to go to Ann Hamilton’s Swing exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan this afternoon so we made the trek up there only to find absolutely insane lines!! Seriously, it was completely wrapped around the block. We were able to squeeze our way up to one of the windows so we saw the exhibit but quickly decided that a cold wait in a huge line was not worth it. There are still pretty lights and things up for the holidays in the city so it was nice to walk around anyway.

Here’s a picture of what we could see of the swing exhibit. Pretty awesome looking! Just way, way too crowded.

photo 5


2 thoughts on “Prospect Park as my backyard

  1. I am a NYC resident too and I’ve never even heard of Prospect Park. After reading this I’m excited to venture there! Please check out our BANGS shoes, they are the perfect shoes for the park 🙂

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