Street Reads

One of the first things I did upon moving to NYC was get a library card. As I don’t really have a lease or anything, I wanted some kind of written proof that I lived here now. We all know that having a library card doesn’t particularly make you feel like you live anywhere – They’re free, anyone can get one.

I’ve discovered a local library branch just 2 avenues away and despite their horribly inconvenient hours, I find myself there semi-frequently. Most of the time I come with a reusable grocery bag & load it up with as many books as I can (picked by their covers, of course). Over the course of the past 2 months I’ve probably read close to 20 books. Rather insane, yes. But my commute to work requires no attention on my part. I read on the subway platform, have mastered standing on a moving train holding onto nothing while reading and have often find myself so attached to a book that I read it walking to work.

Here’s a small sampling of what I’ve been reading lately. Some much better than others but again, I pick things by their covers. I am sitting around an english major & some avid readers at work so perhaps those will start to influence my book selections. For the time being, I’m just so excited that I’m not reading textbooks or needing to memorize lots of art history facts. I can actually enjoy reading!



One of the fantastic things about my neighborhood is all of the free things you can run across on the sidewalk. People just leave out boxes of unwanted things and it’s often quite nice (due to the neighborhood that I live in). Sometimes you’ll run across a frame, mirror, books, movies, old printer, etc. It comes as no surprise because of house sizes – it’s not like people have extra space to store things they don’t want. I had yet to actually pick up anything but found enjoyment just looking at the random items that were left out.

Today on the way to an art exhibit in Manhattan, Jon & I passed a pile of books and I noticed one on the top that is actually on my to read list. Out of habit I kept walking but ended up turning back just a few seconds later and picking it up! It’s the first in the Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin. I plan on reading it and then passing it along to a friend or a sidewalk stranger.

Certainly came in handy on the ride home tonight – I’m already on page 75 and loving it so far. I think it makes it all the better that I found it on the street. Feels more New York 🙂




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