Learning & Growing

32 flights of stairs later and I’m home. Today involved an abnormally large amount of going up and down the stairs.

After a good long break at home, some more days off spent in NYC and then a slow 3-day work week, this week is seeming so long! How is it only Tuesday!?

Late nights both yesterday and today. I haven’t made it home until well past 8pm and leave the house before 9am. Lots of exciting things happening at work but it just makes for extremely busy days. I’ve rarely been sitting at my desk because I’m either in meetings or white boarding out ideas. Lunch has been eating on the go and usually spread out over 3-4 hours as I can only fit in a few bites here and there. I’m excited about the direction that our whole project process is going though!

Tonight after work, the design team (+ me) headed to Manhattan for a Responsive Web Design Seminar that was put on by a company called Noble Desktop. They host a number of classes throughout the week on various things that are software and web related. It was a 2 hour talk on the important and nuances of Responsive Design. Much of it was information that I’ve already known but they brought up a lot of good points to consider so it was overall worthwhile going. We’re working on changing the process of how we work (which I’ve mentioned before) so there are lots of kinks to work out along the way but it’s going well so far. As someone who is only 5 months into the working world, all of these changes seem natural – it’s just like taking another class and learning new things but I can definitely see how a few years in it starts to seem more overwhelming to implement. Overall I’m loving that we’re getting to take classes throughout the day with co-workers who are more knowledgable about certain topics & are required to do some online learning. It’s definitely making for a great 1st full time job experience because I’m constantly reminded that I need to be learning!

I’m feeling way more comfortable working on my part of the process – sketches & brainstorming! But I could use some work on articulating my ideas in person rather than in writing. Through blogging and constant sketching of ideas, I’m getting good at telling people what I mean through written words but spoken explanations could use some work. Learning things everyday 🙂

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 10.07.07 PM


No particularly interesting pictures to note lately – I did go to IKEA this past weekend and got some new fun things for my apartment. Like new sheets! Yay big kid items. I picked up 2 new tiny plants to grow my indoor garden and got the makings for this candle dish (100 tea lights + a white tray + coffee beans!) The coffee beans get warm underneath the candles and then make my apartment smell like coffee. Awesome thing for the chilly mornings.

On the side of work I’ve been catching up with friends from college on Skype (what a concept, not sure why we don’t do this more frequently!), working on two freelance websites, having Sunday date nights with Jon at S’Mac (that Mac & Cheese restaurant in East Village), completing “big kid items” on my to-do list like making doctors appointments & insurance things, reading more and finally getting around to a little bit of hand-lettering (not for other people, not for homework assignments but just because I want to!). Going to a gallery opening tomorrow for one of Jon’s roommates &  then dinner with one of his previous roommates. Thursday is dinner after work with a friend from High School & then Friday is potentially a double date night with some friends from church.

Busy week!


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