Weekend Recap

Super busy last week on the work front. I was more than happy to see the weekend roll around – meant time for sleeping in and relaxing! I’m definitely enjoying work a ton right now but there is something to be said about stepping away & regrouping.

photo 1-1

Friday night after work, I met up with Jon & two of our friends from church, Ryan & Kara. They all thoughtfully made the trek down to Brooklyn for me since I usually head their way! Had a great dinner and time chatting at a local Vietnamese place just a block down from my apartment. In the photo below, Jon & Ryan were trying frog legs for the first time.

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 10.51.22 PM

Saturday morning was slow & fantastic. Woke up without my alarm around 7:15 & got to work doing laundry, reading the paper & drinking coffee. Good productive but relaxing way to start off the weekend. Also got around to reorganizing the art on my walls! I’m trying to make things look more finished & lived in finally now that I’ve almost been here for 5 months (uhm, WHAT??). Unfortunately didn’t find frames on my last excursion out (probably couldn’t have carried them anyway) so I’m back to looking like a college kid for a few weeks but I’ll get around to it! Between my candles, new plants & art on the walls I’m loving my apartment!

photo 1 photo 2-1

Saturday afternoon Jon came down to Brooklyn to have lunch & hang out for a bit. We ended up going to Brooklyn Heights & walking around on the water front. Very very foggy day but it was cool to see anyway! I can’t believe I’ve only made it down that way 4 or 5 times since I moved here. It’s SO close to work & not hard to get to from home at all. Fantastic views and amazing neighborhood. I remember back to the first time I ever stepped foot in Brooklyn, they were the streets that I first walked on that day I came to interview at Carrot. That feels like so long ago. It’s crazy to see the streets in a different light now that I live here! Things are starting to feel slightly more familiar.

photo 2


Saturday night we headed up to Queens to meet up with a friend from church for dinner & then had a church event in Long Island City. Subway home then Sunday morning meant a trek back up to Queens [see next blog post for my thoughts on the subway].

After church, I had brunch with Jon & his roommate (who came to church with us for the first time) before they headed off to go biking. I headed the opposite direction & went to 14th street in Manhattan for some exploring! There was a bookstore there, Strand, that I’ve been wanting to try out forever. Despite finding myself around 14th street all of the time, I’ve never entered. It’s amazing! Reminded me so much of Powell’s Books that we went to in Seattle. Floor to ceiling shelves of books and packed with people. I spent a solid hour there before deciding that I would have to come back another time to explore more. Ended up picking up Martha Stewarts “Meatless” cookbook! Some great sounding recipes that I’m looking forward to testing out.

photo 3 photo 4

After Strand, I continued wandering south & stumbled upon this amazing church. I didn’t really know the protocol for entering them if you didn’t go there so I decided to test it out and figured the guard standing outside of it would have kicked me out. Apparently it was alright because they let me inside & a nice lady said I could stay and wander as long as I wanted. Absolutely gorgeous stain glass all around. It was crazy to be in a space that was so quiet and yet be able to vaguely hear the honks and noise of Manhattan.

photo 5

Quite possibly the most interesting part of the weekend was when I was waiting in Union Square Park for Jon to come and meet me. He had just finished biking & decided to come into Manhattan so I sat on a bench to wait. I saw 2-3 people with no pants on wandering around the park and thought that it was a little weird (and cold). And then another. And another.

It turns out that yesterday was “No Pants Day” sponsored by Improv Everywhere, a group in Manhattan. Hundreds of people were all gathered around the park… while not wearing pants. It certainly drew some attention.

photo 3-1


After all of those shenanigans Jon & I picked up some ingredients from Whole Foods (since the line to get into Trader Joe’s was down the block) to make dinner. We ended up making rice noodles with sauteed vegetables (broccoli, green beans, mushrooms), tofu, avocado & cilantro (with a Soyaki/Miso/Soy Sauce). Super tasty and delicious – and good thing because there were lots of leftovers so I’ll be seeing it again & again this week 🙂



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