The Subway

You never feel like you’re seeing more of NYC than in the subway.

photo 5
There are the cute little kids that announce the subway stops, those who plant their feet widely and “subway surf”, and those who sit backwards to use the windows as homework space.
Make up is put on, hair is brushed, clothes are taken on (or off).
The guy with crumbs all down his shirt from a recent meal reads through the ny times while the teenager sitting next to him is causing deafness at an early age with his loud rap music. The grown man in the suit who appears to be 12 by the faces he’s making playing a racing game on his iPhone. The homeless man takes up multiple seats with most likely all of his earthly possessions. And tourists stick out like sore thumbs everywhere while the hipsters stick out the moment they leave Brooklyn.
It’s like getting to see into someone’s living room.
Everyone is in a rush in one way or  another and yet with no Internet access the majority of people stick to reading or listening to music. It’s perhaps one of the few places that you can be in such close contact with someone and yet not really see them. But for that moment in time we’re all in the small space in this gigantic city.

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