Rexy, the dinosaur

About once a month I volunteer in the church nursery. Usually there aren’t actually that many kids for the second service due to conflicting nap times.

This past Sunday one of the kids marched into the room holding his stuffed dinosaur and loudly announced, “Rexy wants to learn about God!” And so, Rexy the dinosaur was properly introduced to the rest of the kids, taught about God, given his own seat at the table and included in all parts of Sunday school. He particularly enjoyed snack time – goldfish & fruit snacks – and was quite the artist during arts & crafts. There’s something about kids that is so honest & open – it’s adorable. To Rexy’s buddy, he was completely real.

After church, a service volunteering and finally clean up/tearing down the church (which is really an italian restaurant) it was almost 2pm and we were both more than ready for lunch time. Upon arriving at Jon’s apartment, we were surprised with a home cooked meal from his roommate. He so generously had already made us guacamole, fried yucca & plantains, & bruschetta. So incredibly tasty. I should have taken a picture before we devoured it but it was delicious so we couldn’t help it!

photo 3

Enjoyed lots of gorgeous sunsets this weekend. Jon’s roof has the perfect few of Manhattan. It’s so crazy to walk up there & be able to see all of the various points that we had walked around or visited this weekend. Covered quite a lot of ground. Must have completely worn ourselves out walking because I was so ready for bed last night. Looking forward to the days being slightly longer and warmer!

photo 1

For dinner, I picked out a recipe to make Spanakopita. Jon conveniently lives right above a grocery store so we picked up a few ingredients for that and set to work making dinner. Definitely improved the process as it went on but they came out pretty well for my first time using fillo! Will be adding this one into the mix for dinners.

photo 4

While we’re on the topic of food. Tonight’s dinner! I haven’t been grocery shopping for regular weekly meals in quite some time so I stopped by Union Market on my way home. Got ingredients for a Mediterranean dish that was concocted in my head. Couscous (why am I JUST learning how easy this is to make?!) with tomatos, feta, basil, garlic, lemon juice, pepper and a few sesame seeds. Took me a whopping 10 minutes to make and was super delicious. Hoping to finish my book tonight & get to bed early.

photo 5


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