Weekday Adventures

Donated blood on a truck today to the list of new life experiences. It went just fine aside from a slight argument as to which finger should be pricked (No lady, you may not mess up my only finger that controls a touch mouse in the middle of a busy work day) & my coworker who asked one of the people in charge if I was going to die (when she saw how much blood was coming out of me – good news, it was only the allotted pint).

Slightly weird to be on a truck looking into the back of a Kimchi food truck in the streets of DUMBO but it all seemed to work out. Plus apparently the lady really liked me – or heard what my coworker said – because she gave me about 8 packs of cookies & water.

photo 2-1

It’s super chilly here much like the rest of the country. Working a block from the water has its perks in the warmer months but it’s proving to be a rather brisk & painful walk to work for the time being. Having an office with a huge amount of skylights has a similar issue. Gorgeous views but my turtleneck, huge toasty sweater, blanket & coat wrapped around my back are highly necessary throughout the day.

Nothing too spectacular to note as of recently. I am working on a few neat projects at work which will hopefully be viewable to the public within the next 2-3 months!

The following video was perhaps one of the most random but awesome projects I’ve worked on yet – a project that is currently up and running. Can you believe we get to show up at work every day and dream up this kind of stuff?

Carrot Presents: CMT’s My Big Redneck Recliner from Carrot Creative on Vimeo.