Jon wasn’t feeling great yesterday so we mostly hung around my apartment. Read the newspaper, did crosswords, enjoyed the sun pouring warm light into the room (super thankful for that one after some 10 degree days).

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We did venture out to Grand Central in Manhattan to visit the holiday train show. It has been on our list for quite some time so happy to make it there before it closes early next month. Also spent some time wandering around the Grand Central Apple Store. Pretty crazy to be browsing through computers in the midst of all of the trains coming and leaving.

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This morning I woke up super early (before 7) to fit some laundry in before church. Actually managed to fit in 2 loads of laundry (& dry), made coffee, got ready for the day, read the paper, wandered around Park Slope, went to the bank & back, got breakfast at Colson Patisserie, realized I forgot my subway card, walked the 3 avenues back home, got the card, made it back to the subway and made it to church all before 10:45. I pretty much could have called it quits right there as it was a rather productive morning. Was greated with a “Bonjour” at the Patisserie this morning which seriously made my day. It’s such a neighborhood friendly little place only a few blocks down.


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Jon’s roommate has been coming to church with us for the past few weekends so we decided to go out to brunch afterwards (around 1pm at this time) with him & another friend from church. The four of us went to Cranky’s in Long Island City for some super tasty food. It took a slightly long time to actually get a seat there so we didn’t eat until after 2 pm – at which point we were starving.



Walked back through Queens to the subway (basically every convenient station is closed) and found some swings on the way there! Of course, we stopped. Took the train into Manhattan to check out the Steinway & Sons piano store (which has been on our list as well) but unfortunately they’re closed on Sundays so we decided to just start walking down 5th Avenue. Made it from 53 street down to Rockefeller Center where we found the Lego Store & Bouchon Bakery. In the hour that it took our food to come for lunch, we were talking about tasty food places and Bouchon came highly recommended for their cookies. Jon & I both shared this giant version of a homemade nutter butter. Super tasty. Watched the ice skaters at 30 Rock, stopped by St. Thomas church on 5th Ave – absolutely gorgeous building that is undergoing some serious renovation – & then continued walking south to 40th street. Definitely had another one of those “what city am I in, is this Paris moments” while walking through the church.

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We were going to head into Grand Central to hop on the 6 train but when I realized how close we were to the NY Public Library, we detoured to knock another thing off my list. Absolutely gorgeous building. We spent more time staring up at the ceiling than we did looking at books. They had a photo exhibit going on so checked that out as well and read up on the whole history of the library system.

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Finished up at the library and headed through Grand Central down to Union Square 14th Street (clearly a favorite destination). Took Jon into Strand for the first time ever! Spent lots of time perusing the aisles and looking at neat books before heading across the street to check out a new coffeeshop. Our normal coffeeshop, Think Coffee, was just around the corner but this one looked new & cozy. We both got some tea and sat down to chat for a bit before parting ways & heading home for dinner.

Actually had a conversation with a lady on the train on the way back tonight, which of course makes me love NYC even more. After she got off, I proceeded to dig into the Sunday section of the NY Times taking up all of the space I could (not a packed train) and enjoyed the whole awkward folding & unfolding of the paper to try to read it without dropping sections everywhere.

Felt like a super packed day and I’m looking forward to putting on some PJ’s and hopping into bed to read! Busy week or two ahead and I’ve been enjoying turning the lights out just a wee bit earlier lately to help minimize the snooze button in the morning.

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