Date Night – Julliard

There are far more options in NYC for date nights compared to Rochester so I’ve decided to start taking advantage of that.

I’d heard that Julliard put on free performances on an almost nightly basis because the students needed a certain number of performance hours to graduate. A little research later and I had a date night all lined up!

Rushed out of work at 6:30 today and made it up to 30 Rock in just 20 minutes! Met Jon just as he was getting out of work so we could quick find food before heading up to Lincoln Center. When I say quick, I meant we both got sandwiches and ate them while waiting at the subway platform. Romantic, huh?

Made it to Julliard on time but turns out we were on standby for tickets – which apparently they had a lot of because many other people were waiting in line with us. Definitely was a different crowd. The festival is called “Focus! 2013 Festival Presents The British Renaissance: British Music Since World War II”. You can read more about it in the NY Times [article].

The performance itself was 6 different pieces and was inspired by Kandinsky (an artist – who I actually remember from art history class!) and all of the pieces were from British composers. One piece featured 2 people each playing a piano at the same time and another featured a guy playing a solo on a flute – using the flute it ways I’d never seen before. Not quite what I was initially expecting out of the music but it a good way to spend the evening. I think we both agreed next time we go back, we’ll look for something a little more traditional.

Otherwise a rainy dreary day in NY. It did snow this morning though! Lunch time included standing outside waiting for a food truck in sleet and rain (ew, what a bad day to have not gone grocery shopping). Tomorrow’s plans include, you guessed it, grocery shopping! We’re having a “dip-off” for the Super-Bowl at the end of the week so I have my recipe all lined up.


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